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Oklahoma Inventors Congress

OIC does not endorse and is not affiliated with any invention company.

Here are some links to get started.  Feel free to forward your favorite links to me.


Organizations  --  Associations  --  Other Agencies  --  Fraud Information

Oklahoma Inventor's Assistance Service - is a non-profit, state funded, service that helps inventors navigate the invention process from idea to the marketplace thought education, information, and referrals.

United Inventors Association - The mission of the UIA is to provide leadership, support, and services to inventor support groups and independent inventors.  Formed in 1990 solely for educational purposes.

National Society of Inventors - Listing of inventor sites and much more.

The National Congress of Inventor Organizations - Inventor resource association.

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

National Inventor Fraud Center - Try to educate and help inventors make the right decisions.

International Federation of Inventors' Associations - Switzerland bases International inventors association with resources. 

The Big Idea Group - Brings together creative inventors and innovation-driven companies.

American Inventor Spot - You don't need an invention firm to show your ideas to manufacturers.


Patents  --  Inventions

Oklahoma Patent Professionals - Listing of Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys in Oklahoma. 

Patent Agent or Patent Attorney Search

Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Basics - Article about basic things inventors need to know.

Oklahoma Invention Showcase - Here are a few more Oklahoma inventions.

Invention Showcase - More inventions and free information.

Gadget and Gizmos - Links page to resources for your invention gadgets and gizmos.


Patent Resource Information Web Sites

Patent and Trademark Resource Center - on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.

Patent Cafe - Web site of resource information.

Patents and Industrial Designs - World wide inventor resource for information.

Inventor Resources - World wide inventor resource for information.

InventNET - Inventors resource - Free login required.

Inventors Headquarters - Web site full of resource information.

Invention City - Informative site of resource information.


Copyrights  --  Trademarks  --  Trade Secrets

Copyrights - World wide inventor resource for information.

Trademarks - World wide inventor resource for information.

Trade Secrets - World wide inventor resource for information.

Copyright and Trademarks Symbols - How To Create and Use Copyright Symbols


Manufacturing  --  Packaging  --  Marketing  --  Licensing  --  Investors

Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence, Inc. - A not-for-profit corporation that helps small- and medium-sized Oklahoma manufacturers become progressively more successful in their marketplace.

Dreams to Market - A free resource tool and open venture directory to help you develop and commercialize your ideas and dreams.  They match your ideas, innovations, and technologies with companies and entrepreneurs that are seeking new products and innovative solutions.

Packaging - World wide inventor resource for information.

Marketing Example - Weight lifting invention commercialization, marketing, and licensing tips.

Technology Transfer and Licensing - World wide inventor resource for information.

Lambert & Lambert - Lots of marketing and licensing information.


Magazines  --  Books  --  Software

Inventor's Digest - Informative inventors magazine.

Great Idea Gear . Com - Book and software site.

MIT Inventors Handbook On-line - On-line resource from idea to raising capital.


Inventor and Invention Sites

St. Charles Public Library - Famous inventors and their inventions.

Market Launchers - Listing of inventions for sale or licensing.

Mom Inventors - A company produces products, made by and for moms, that are sold through retailers nationwide.


Business Information Sites

Start Up Biz - Business start up information.

Business e-Coach - Explains business terminology and other helpful information. 


Free Downloads

Inventors Handouts - Oklahoma Inventor Assistance downloadable handouts.

Inventor Forms - Oklahoma Inventor Assistance downloadable forms.

Inventors Flow Chart - Flow chart to help with invention process.


Legal Sample Forms   ** Use at your own risk**

Technology Legal Services - Online legal samples.


Oklahoma Inventors Tax Incentives

Inventor Tax Incentive - Tax Incentive for Oklahoma Inventors with products manufactured in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Inventor Assistance Act - Tax Incentive for Oklahoma Manufacturers to manufacture products from Oklahoma Inventors.

OCAST Invention Registration Form - Registration form for Oklahoma Inventors to register your device with OCAST.


Other Invention and Inventor Web Sites

Famous Inventions: A to Z - Listed famous inventions and their inventors.

Famous Inventors: A to Z - Listed famous inventors and their inventions.

Time Line of Famous Inventions - Timeline of famous inventions from year 1000 to present.


Invention Contests

Farmer Idea Exchange competition at the American Farm Bureau Federation meeting.
Contacts:  Don Lipton         (202) 406-3644      donl@fb.org
                Mace Thornton   (202) 406-3641     macet@fb.org

Oklahoma Student Inventors Exposition at Rose State College
Students from Oklahoma have an opportunity to display their creative inventions for prizes.
Contact: Betty Wright, program coordinator, 1-405-670-3131

Reality Show: Made in the USA
USA Network and Home Shopping Network (HSN) have joined forces on a new, groundbreaking reality show: Made in the USA, in which America's undiscovered inventors and entrepreneurs will compete for an unparalleled chance of a lifetime to sell their invention on HSN. Made in the USA premieres on USA Network on September 14, 2005 at 10 p.m



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