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Oklahoma Inventors Congress

Here are some inventions of members of the Oklahoma Inventors Congress.
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 Inventor: Bill Baker

 Invention Name: Crutch and Cane 

 Invention DetailsTo help with balance and mobility, Bill created not only a new pivoting foot, but a whole new crutch design. From the collapsing size, new padded and shaped crutch tops, to the ergonomic hand grip. 
Road Runner Crutches, moving the immobilized.

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 Inventor Alan Beaty    

 Invention NameTrooper Trap    

 Invention DetailsPrisoner seatbelt alarm device that sounds an external vehicle alarm siren if the prisoner or detainee unbuckles the seatbelt to let the officer know the prisoner is escaping or no longer secure. 

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 InventorSam John

 Company NameInnovative Products, Inc.

 Invention DetailsNeoLite 3200, is a wearable phototherapy therapy device similar to a blanket or vest for treating newborns for hyperbillirubnemia or jaundice. This is powered by a rechargeable battery, so the treatment is uninterrupted while holding and feeding the baby.

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 Inventor James Quintus

 Invention Name:   Garage Butler

 Invention Details:  This device can be automatically set to close the garage door in case the owner forgets to.  Helps to prevent and stop burglaries and home invasions.  Invention was called the Universal Garage Door Closer.

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 Inventors:  Bob Cook and Roy Blasius

 Invention name:  Trailer/Vehicle Alignment System

 Invention Details:  This device will present the driver of a vehicle with a visual presentation of the position of the trailer hitch and an audible alarm to indicate the approach of the vehicle. It will provide both visual and audible signals to indicate the proper position for hitching.


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 InventorCarnell Duvall

 Invention NameRollback Sidewinder

 Invention Details:  Rollback Sidewinder mounts onto the side of a rollback wrecker and is used to pull a vehicle along side of the wrecker.  The wrecker is then pulled in front of the vehicle and the vehicle loaded, all without blocking traffic.

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 Inventor Mike McCraw

 Invention Name:  Modular Throw-off Plate

 Invention Details:  New adaptor for either the Nickelworks or Trick throw-off to any DW snare drum with either the Drop throw-off or the Delta throw-off.

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 Inventor Gary Polson

 Invention Name:  Okie Grip Barbell Collar

 Invention Details:  Lever locking barbell collar holds the plates on a weight lifting bar. Quicker, faster, easier, and safer than other collars.

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 Inventor Hugh Wayman

 Invention Name:  Solar Feeders

 Invention Details:  Solar powered livestock feeder  automatically disperses feed per user settings.  Each feeder can care for up to 20 head of full grown livestock. The feed is dispersed from the spinner into the trough.  Saves time, energy, and money! 

Sold Patent in 2009

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 Inventor Janice Barlow   

 Invention Name:  HUG-STEMS Memorial Vase Inserts

 Invention Details:  HUG-STEMSTM patented re-useable foam layers “hug” artificial flower stems, securing them in place.  The unique removable “sleeves” design around the outside of the insert allows it to fit most metal, bronze, and granite memorial vases.  Two helium balloon holders provide a solution to tying on helium balloons at gravesites. 

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 Inventor Gary Godwin   

 Invention Name:  FunErgoTM

 Invention Details:  Named for functional and ergonomic, FunErgoTM enables people with chronic back pain, people recovering after surgery, home office user, or even for computer gamers to work at a computer without back pain or other health problems. 

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 Inventor Al Guy

 Invention Name:  Starter Gripper

 Invention Details:  Soft, but firm holders to let you get a good grip on your extension at all times.

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 Inventor Rose Hardwick   

 Invention Name:  uRuLaxTM

 Invention Details:  The uRuLax™ heat deflector shield is used around the head of a client while using a hood-style hair dryer.  Some benefits of the uRuLax™ include blocking the hair dryer heat from the face, ears and neck of the client plus the front curve deflects the heat back toward the hair, reducing hair drying time.

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 Inventor Rev. Dr. Richard Braley

 Invention Name:  Braley Tobacco Pipe Tool

 Invention Details:  Pipe tool sets include the patent pending tools holder, tools, lighter, cleaners and a unique straight pipe shank clearing rod.  Great for any pipe smoker.


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The Turn Sentinel

 Inventor Anthony English

 Invention Name:  The Turn Sentinel

 Invention Details:  The Turn Sentinel allows you to give illuminated, sequencing, "legal" hand signals above hood level and adds a protection level to any person walking, broke down, jogging, riding a bike or motorcycle because the "SIGNAL" stays on your person!!  BE SEEN!!!

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 Inventor: Bill Baker

 Invention Name: The Step Ladder 

 Invention DetailsThis ladder offers exceptional stability and ergonomic features.  Its top cap is designed to serve as a large, functional tool tray.  It is safer, more stable and user-friendly that the traditional stepladder.

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